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Review of  UK  herpetofauna, 1993, Joint Nature Conservation Committee.

A report entitled ‘A review of British herpetofauna populations in a wider context’ was produced in 1993 for the Joint Nature Conservation Committee, examining the status of UK herpetofauna in their world context. The results showed how massive the range is for many of the 12 non-marine species, with 9 of the species occurring in over 20 countries. The leatherback turtle was by far the rarest species and had hardly any conservation attention in the UK at the time. Who would have thought that the palmate newt, numerous where it occurs, has the smallest international range of all of the UK species and that it is locally in need of protection, for example in Greater London? The report produced the first population estimates for all of the species and set a point of reference for comparison in the future.

Marine turtle waterproof advice sheet 1988 Nature Conservancy Council

Turtle Code was the first information sheet for UK marine workers, produced by HCI in 1988 for the Nature Conservancy Council. Aimed at reducing the incidental take of sea turtles in British Coastal Waters it also encouraged safe release of turtles and alerted fisheries workers to their rarity and protected status.


print002_cr.jpg A leatherback turtle basks on its back in the autumn sunshine a few km off Cornwall at a regular sighting point.