Clickable Scottish Regions: Project information for these areas is currently being prepared for posting.   

Scotland North
:         Aberdeen and Grampian Highlands - Orkney - Shetland - Western Isles
Scotland Central:     Argyll and Stirling - Dundee & Angus - Fife - Perthshire
Scotland South:        Ayrshire and Arran Borders - Dumfries and Galloway  
                                      Edinburgh and Lothian - Glasgow and Clyde Valley


Examples of HCI’s work in Scotland:

Marine Turtles in Scottish Waters  -   1994 Scottish Natural Heritage

In this report, information on the distribution of marine turtles in Scottish waters was reviewed by HCI with regional expert Gabriel King. He contacted a range of marine workers to look for new records, and to clarify and collate old information and records. The report also aimed to assess the level of use of the 1988 Turtle Code produced by HCI for NCC. Results showed that turtle records increased from 60 (up to 1971) to 171 by 1994, dramatically illustrating the use of UK waters by leatherback turtle. This report added weight to the previous calls for a range of new studies to address sea turtle protection in UK waters. Further studies have been undertaken since then and there has been a huge increase in interest. Updated information sheets dealing with line and net entanglements have been developed and better circulated. Marine Turtles in Scottish Waters  is available on-line: TURTLE REP.


Natterjack toads on the Solway Firth – Dumfries & Galloway Council

  natterjack toad

The Natterjack toad is one of Scotland’s rarest vertebrates. HCI have worked on the Solway coast for Dumfries & Galloway Council to temporarily exclude natterjacks from a beach and sea wall area in preparation to for essential  repair work to protect the coast road.