From here, you can access introductory details on HCI’s commercial and non-commercial project work since 1988. These are summarised by geographic area. You can also search for specific details using topic categories that identify species and habitat themes with links to particular types of activity.  Most projects have reports that are either available online or available on loan or can be copied. Many are on the public record as submissions to government bodies as a part of planning applications or other recorded documents. A few reports are restricted and available normally after commercial interests have passed. Rare exceptions include  reports for military or other secure properties or other types of land where disclosure is withheld or delayed for a clients specific purposes. In these cases outline details only may be available.

We are adding information in stages and hope to complete the work in 2010. Should you be interested in information on subjects/areas  that are not yet, or only partly included, please contact our head office.  Information supply is normally free of charge, although costs for copying or posting information that is not on-line may be required. Commercial research can be undertaken. Please note that copyright of all materials rests with HCI and permission must be sought for copying or use of information for any purpose.

Project  Area Categories:

Britain and Ireland


United States of America