HCI has access to a small library of books and reference materials concerning herpetofauna management across the world. In some circumstances we may be able to assist in locating information and documents or advising where to obtain it. Direct access to our library is not possible, but written requests will always be considered and replied to and copies of material can be supplied where lack of information presents a conservation concern. Specific projects to provide reference listings to publications in the future include:

  • Field guides and species/habitats reference books (underway)
  • Recommended reading for students (per country/continent)
  • Conservation techniques
  • Grey literature bibilographies of value to nature conservation

Below we will add and give Links where available, to suitable information suggested  on survey or habitat management techniques or that  provide practical information that may be of use to conservation practitioners. Please alert us to anything that you come across. For non-English language publications please provide a 30 word summary of content in English. Anyone wishing to assist in developing these pages, please make contact:



Herpetofauna Workers Maunual The Herpetofauna Workers Guide provides a wide range of essential  information on techniques concerning the conservation of  UK herpetofauna species.  Published by the Joint Nature Conservation Committee.










great crested newt The great crested newt conservation handbook  (2001) provides a large amount of information on the species, its life cycle and conservation in the United Lingdom. Copies are available from Froglife / ARC: