Staff and Associates


HCI has experienced staff and a wide network of associate experts that it draws upon to address new projects, most of which have some form of specialist element.


Matt Hawkins STAFF Matt Hawkins has been HCI’s field manager for central and south England for six years, based from the HCI Yard in Yaxley, Peterborough. He is currently working part-time while undertaking a degree in nature conservation management at the University of Nottingham. Matt manages a range of practical habitat creation and management work and also coordinates survey work for amphibians and reptiles.






Howard Hillier ASSOCIATE Howard Hillier is an experienced naturalist with particular emphasis on mammals. He has extensive expertise in carrying out licenced work on bats, water vole, dormouse and badger in addition to amphibians and reptiles. ASSOCIATE Malcolm Hillier conducts a range of bird survey where required. Howard and Malcolm join the HCI workforce when addressing projects with a more diverse vertebrate fauna.






ASSOCIATE Peter Kirby conducts invertebrate surveys and monitoring for HCI Ltd. on work in the East Anglia Region. Surveys are carried out on wetland grassland and woodland areas and include a detailed long termstudy of the impact of management on the invertebrate community.


Colin Plant ASSOCIATE Colin Plant assists HCI by undertaking all forms of terrestrial and freshwater invertebrate work from single-visit assessments, simple inventory surveys to full Environmental Assessment, water pollution monitoring, environmental planning and land management and mitigation. Criminal and forensic work is also undertaken. Colin Plant Associates (UK) LLP is his Hertfordshire based entomological consultancy which covers Europe within and beyond EU countries.







Catherine Langton STAFF Catherine Langton is a Director of HCI. She has a PhD that focused on heavy metal contamination of estuarine ecosystems. She has experience of  botanical survey and monitoring, as well as habitat creation and management. She has worked for a number of organisations including the Suffolk Wildlife Trust and the Nature Conservancy Council.









Tom Langton STAFF Tom Langton is HCIs Managing Director. An ecologist with extensive field experience in habitat management, herpetofauna and other vertebrates, he coordinates HCI from the Triton House Head Office in Suffolk.








Nick Stewart ASSOCIATE Nick Stewart is a botanist of international reputation and a specialist in the plant-like aquatic Stoneworts (Charophytes). He has done extensive studies for HCI over the last ten years on stoneworts in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, together with other aquatic vegetation survey and appraisal.








ASSOCIATE Jackie Patrick worked as a manager on the long-term Orton Brickpits habitat creation project in the 1990s and has covered a wide range of work at many localities in central and Eastern England. She has also worked for RSPB on farmland bird managment.


Fred Slater ASSOCIATE Fred Slater lectures at the University of Wales and assists HCI with projects in central Wales. He has studied herpetofauna including common toads and has a specific interest in wildlife and roads. He has a wide range of current research and conservation activities including studies on otter, crayfish, fairy shrimp and on upland ephemeral ponds.