As a private independent company, HCI Ltd. has developed gradually,  and using a proportion of profits to support a range of nature conservation initiatives where people have given time and funding to bring about nature conservation for herpetofauna and the public good. This has sometimes  been  through providing advice and information, but also through assisting individuals and a range of both large, medium and small scale projects and organisations. Several part-funded University studentships have been supported.

We are familiar with fundraising and the approaches of grant-aiding charities in the UK and have an insight into the workings of both the government and voluntary sector and thier changing priorities. Because of this we can advise on fundraising, the effective use of funding, both small and large scale. This includes advice on getting best available return on any investment/donation, on single gifted sums and setting up trust funds. We have access to excellent tax advice proffesionals  and can assist in helping to place funds into the true front edge of nature conservation work without deduction of percentages or hidden overheads. We are able to manage the secure release of funds or funded support to identified  projects in specific countries where this is otherwise problematic or requires close monitoring. This service is often free of charge for sums over Euro 10,000 .

If you would like someone to contact you for an initial discussion, please contact Tom Langton at the HCI Head Office.