Welcome to our website. Herpetofauna Consultants International was established in 1988 and is a leading UK-based, international nature conservation consultancy. We offer rapid and expert theoretical analysis of, and applied solutions to, nature conservation issues in the UK and around the world. Our work includes survey and research, to ensure proper understanding of ecological processes and to enable compliance with legislation and statutory standards. We provide innovative and sometimes cost-saving solutions in the often complex world of managing animals and plants.
This site introduces the scope of our services, outlines examples of our past work and provides information on aspects of biodiversity protection. Our main niche has been the management of amphibians and reptiles, of their habitats and varied communities, within the wide range of natural and modified habitats that they occupy. We also introduce our company policies and philosophy towards nature conservation and consultancy work .
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Further company information can be accessed through our ADMIN files.
Our PROJECTS files describe past and present fieldwork.
Our RESEARCH files provide information on a range of HCI’s commercial and sponsored studies.
Our TOPICS files aid deeper access to specific subjects that are most relevent to our consulting services.
HERPECOLOGY reference files and Links offers guided access to a wide range further information concerning the ecology and conservation of herpetofauna species and habitats in the UK and around the world. These will be extended with a view to cover conservation techniques concerning habitat protection, restoration and management.

For further information please contact: t.langt@virgin.net,
Telephone: UK 01986 784596.
Head Office: Triton House, Bramfield, Halesworth, Suffolk, IP19 9AE